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SBO License for bandwidth optimization (16 Ports)

SBO Multipath V.4

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SBO License for bandwidth optimization (16 Ports)

SBO Multipath V.4

The last word in Bandwidth Optimization
SBO Multipath is the most powerful Bandwidth Optimization solution for VoIP Termination businesses. It has all the features to reduce bandwidth usage, improve performance and secure the network. Redesigned in V.4, SBO Multipath now made it possible to use multiple internet connection and use them seamlessly as one connection.

Use multiple internet connection

Stack bandwidth of multiple connection to use as one

SBO brings its Multipath module in V.4 which can stack bandwidth of multiple internet connections and use seamlessly as a single connection. And most amazingly, it can bond any kind of internet connections together i.e. ADSL through LAN port, GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi / Wi-Max through USB, and it can do that for any number of connection a server can take.

This feature provides following benefits –
  • Lifts the limitation of bandwidth per connection, so users can stack as many connections as they need to achieve the total bandwidth required.
  • Seamless redundancy for internet connection, so if any connection interrupts, others will work and keep the service up and running.
  • Maintains Quality of Service (QoS) based on statistics and does automatic load balancing among available network connections depending on the available bandwidth with quality.
  • Manage network congestion with its unique congestion management system so there is no lag in voice and customers enjoy superior voice quality.
  • Increase overall performance by reducing disturbance on internet connection and making it highly available. It increases profitability of the business by reducing downtime for internet connection.
  • Makes it feasible to setup termination business where it was not possible previously.


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